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Mural for Sustainability 2018
Collaboration with Tracie MacVean

Community Funded Mural illustrating our lesser known Local Threatened Species. The objective of this work is to help engage the public in identification & invite conversation about the following vulnerable species. 

Crimson Spider Orchid  (caladenia concolour)

Smooth Darling Pea  (swainsona galegifolia)

Southern Pygmy Perch  (nannoperca australis)

Bush Stone Curlew  (burhinus grallarus)

Regent Honey Eater  (anthochaera phrygia)

A Big Warm Thank you to our community & the following major local Sponsors who made this Mural possible

The Nature Conservation working group,

Quantum Printing,

Regional Centre of Expertise Murray Darling, 

Hume Bank

mfs darling details & regent honey eater8
sac mural design2
mural for sustainability reveal teaser
mural of sustainability high tea small poster


"Australia Day" Chalk Drawing 2020
Collaboration with Tracie MacVean

VID20190127194253 11_edited

Australia day is an opportunity for us to give back, by highlighting more of our local threatened/ endangered species. This year we focused on species specifically along the murray river; which is subjected to a lot of litter during the festivities at Noreuil Park. 

Eastern Long-neck Turtle  (chelodina longicollis)

Sloanes Froglet  (crinia sloanei)

Southern Pgymy Perch ( nannoperca australis)

Murray cod  (maccullochella peelii)

Darling lily  (crinum flaccidum herb)

Southern bell frog  (litoria raniformis)

"Riverside Vibes" Chalk Drawing 2022
Collaboration with Tracie MacVean


Commissioned by Albury City to take part in a 6hr live chalk drawing session, illustrating local Native insects for Alburys first Riverside vibes festival. 

Species included in these drawings have been sighted in our local Area, & cross referenced with photography from Karen Retra's inaturalist profile. 

We thank & honour Karen Retra for her contribution to our community, as well as delight in the beauty that resides within our own backyards. 

Emporer Gum Moth  (opodipthera eucalypti)

Eucalyptus Tip Bug Nymph  (amorbus alternatus)

Helitrope Moth  (utetheisa pulchelloides)

co-create wodonga Mural of bee's and lavander

Co-Create Jan 2023 Live Mural
Collaboration with Rita Worboys 

The Mural illustrates bees pollinating lavandula stoechas in an attempt to highlight and celebrate the importance of our beautiful pollinators. They may be tiny, but they have a huge impact on our environment, & it's essential we provide pollen sources for them coming into the cooler months.

Lavender is a favourite amongst bee's- particularly our local Blue Banded bee (amegilla) as it provides ample pollen & has a long bloom period.

Bee's also can't see Red, so our use of a minimal pallet is a deliberate attempt to highlight colours which are most attractive to bee's (white, blue, purple) & serves as an educational component.


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Wodonga Council Article about project

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