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photo of Kristina Greenwood illustrating chalk Mural

Artist Biography

Hi, I'm an Australian Artist based in Albury NSW, with a formal education in Fine Art & illustration. Creating Murals professionally since 2017, for clients such as Albury City Council, Wodonga Council, Coffee Chakra & Federation Council. 


Growing up, my mother was a surrealist Painter suffering from paranoid schizophrenia. This experience has led me to fall in love with concepts around the human psyche, to hunger for internal growth & to wonder where the edge of one's mind can go.

My work playfully wonders between reality & the imaginary. 

The message in my work is often feminine, intuitive and driven by healing, pondering on the human experience, & our connection with the intangible sides of our lives.

Other Influences on my artistic development include, illustrators such as Shaun Tan, Rob Gonsalves, Australian Artist Del Kathryn Barton, and a pure love for the beauty & complexity of plants. 

Links to Articles

Wodonga Council Co-Create 2023

The Bee'd Need's Mural Collaboration with Rita Worboys

Albury City Council 2022

Burrow's road Vegetable Mural

Albury City Council 2021

Albury Botanic Gardens Botanical Studies



2015   Bachelor of Illustration, Melbourne Polytechnic, Fairfield                               VIC (currently deferred)

2012   Advanced Diploma in Fine Art, Albury campus of                                            Riverina TAFE NSW


Illustration under Melbourne lecturer STEPHEN PASCO

Life Drawing under Melbourne Artist ADAM LEE

Painting under Local Artist MARY-JANE GRIGGS


2023      Mural, Rossco's Italian Pizzeria, Thurgoona

2023      Mural, Bethanga General store, Bethanga

2023      Mural, Games night, Private wall, Ballarat

2023      Mural 2, Thurgoona dine in & Takeaway, Albury

2023      Mural 1, Thurgoona dine in & Takeaway, Albury

2023      CO-CREATE live Mural collab Rita Worboys, Wodonga       


2022       Motorbike Painting, AWMEC Butterball Rally

2022       Mural Julia Lumanog, flower Garden

2022       Mural Coffee Chakra, coffee farm, Myrtleford

2022       Mural,"All the Colours", Burrows rd, Albury city council

2022       Mural, Cafe Chulo, Myrtleford

2022       Chalk Mural RIVERSIDE Vibes -Collab Tracie MacVean

2022       Mural Coffee Chakra, Arabica Plant, Myrtleford

2021       Public Art, x4 panels, Botanic Gardens, Albury city council

2021       Mural UPSTREAM Festival wall 2, Albury city council

2021       Mural UPSTREAM Festival, Albury city council

2020       Live Painting, UPSTREAM Festival, Albury city council

2019       Mural, Platform 9 coffee Roasters, Albury

2019       Mural, Trompe o'niel, Nagambie

2018       Mural, Enchanted Hut, Federation Council, Howlong

2018       Mural, Waites Park, Albury city council

2018       Mural for Sustainability- Collab with Tracie MacVean

2018       Baranduda Chalk Drawing -Collab with Tracie MacVean

2017       Mural, Varena, Amici on Dean, Albury

2017       Hand painted coffee tables, Cocoa Collective

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