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My story starts with a very vivid imagination, humble beginnings, and a family history with mental health. 

This lead me to fall in love with the Jungian psychoanalysts, to hunger for internal growth & to wonder where the edge of one's mind lay.

Creating art was therefore a natural outlet. You will find my work playfully wonders between reality & the imaginary, encouraging others to turn inward to explore the depths of their own psychology.

For me creating is a way to uncover hidden aspects of the self.

An idea will visit me, and as I begin attempting to realise it- there is a point in the painting process where one let's go.

The space between what it was & what it became; appears to be a delicate dance between the conscious and the unconscious. The message is often feminine, intuitive and driven by healing. Pondering on the human experience & our connection with realms other than the physical.

Via the use of mixed media with fluorescent pigments, the work takes on an extra sensory element.

Symbolism is also important, often adopting the metaphor of a garden to describe our inner landscape. For a garden does not judge, and what you nurture will grow. Gardens are therapeutic, grounding, wild & instinctive. My art honours this connection, the complexity of plants & human beings.

Artist C.V

Artist Statement

2023       CO-CREATE live Mural collab Rita Worboys, Wodonga       


2022       Motorbike Painting, AWMEC Butterbally Rally prize

2022       Mural Julia Lumanog, flower Garden

2022       Mural Coffee Chakra, coffee farm, Myrtleford

2022       Mural,"All the Colours", Burrows rd, Albury city council

2022       Mural, Cafe Chulo, Myrtleford

2022       Chalk Mural RIVERSIDE Vibes -Collab Tracie MacVean

2022       Mural Coffee Chakra, Arabica Plant, Myrtleford

2021       Public Art, x4 panels, Botanic Gardens, Albury city council

2021       Mural UPSTREAM Festival wall 2, Albury city council

2021       Mural UPSTREAM Festival, Albury city council

2020       Live Painting, UPSTREAM Festival, Albury city council

2019       Mural, Platform 9 coffee Roasters, Albury

2019       Mural, Trompe o'niel, Nagambie

2018       Mural, Enchanted Hut, Federation Council, Howlong

2018       Mural, Waites Park, Albury city council

2018       Mural for Sustainability- Collab with Tracie MacVean

2018       Baranduda Chalk Drawing -Collab with Tracie MacVean

2017       Mural, Varena, Amici on Dean, Albury

2017       Hand painted coffee tables, Cocoa Collective

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